Does Vegetable Oil Go Bad? How Long Does Vegetable Oil Last?

Vegetable oil is commonly used in cooking and for many other reasons. This vegetable oil is extracted from different plants using an oil mill or a chemical solvent.

It can also be extracted by crushing the seeds or plants. Vegetable oil also contains polyunsaturated fat, which can help to lower any heart-related problems.

You can also process vegetable oil at home. This vegetable oil, once extracted, is filtered or sometimes enhanced using chemicals.

For convenient use, an oil sprayer bottle is an excellent choice for storing fat.  Soybean oil was the first vegetable oil used back in the 1950s.

During that period, vegetable oil was only used for cooking purposes. But now vegetable oil is being used for many other purposes.

Vegetable oil is now even more useful to cosmetics and skincare products. Overall, vegetable oil has a lot of uses, such as it helps in making paints, perfumes, candles, etc.

It is also used in baking as well as in salad dressing. Some of the commonly used vegetable oil includes canola oil, peanut butter oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Now to the main question - does vegetable oil go bad? Let's take a closer look at vegetable oil.

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How Long Does Vegetable Oil Last? Does Vegetable Oil Go Bad?


The answer is yes, Vegetable oil does go rancid. Almost all the edibles shelf life depends on its storage method.

The shelf life of opened and unopened vegetable oil varies. So unopened vegetable oil seems to have a longer shelf life compared to open vegetable oil.

Unopened vegetable oil can last for about two years if stored properly. Keep the oil away from air and heat or store it in the kitchen pantry.

Vegetable oils sold in the market usually comes with a 'best before' label, It only means that the quality of the vegetable oil is best before the mentioned date.

However, it does not mean that it is dangerous to consume. You can use it while cooking, but the oil will not be in its best quality.

Opened vegetable oil will also last for at least a year, provided that you store it in a cool and dry place. Once the vegetable oil is opened, the oil gets exposed to the air, and oxidation takes place.

This process will slowly deteriorate the quality of the oil.  Make sure to seal the bottle tightly once opened to prevent air and contaminants from entering the container.

Once the bottle is closed properly, place the oil in the kitchen counter, pantry, or, anywhere, cool. That way, the vegetable oil will last at least for twelve months.

How to Tell if Vegetable Oil is Bad? Vegetable Oil Shelf Life!


Vegetable oil, if stored properly, does not become rancid quickly. However, vegetable oil can still go bad over time. Here are some tips to help you tell if vegetable oil has gone bad:

  • You will notice a change in the oil color. Vegetable oil is usually light in color, but if it turns dark in color, it can be a sign of the vegetable oil going rancid. Avoid keeping the vegetable oil above the gas stove.
  • When your vegetable oil goes rancid, it will start developing molds around the seal. Molds start developing when the oil is opened and stored exposed to heat as harmful bacteria grows where there is moisture.
  • When vegetable oil starts to lose its quality, it will begin developing an off damp smell.
  • Lastly, if you can't tell by its smell, looks, or color, you can taste it. If the oil tastes fusty, discard it. You can still use oil if you like, but the food will not taste good.
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The consumption of vegetable oil has increased over the years. Most people now prefer using vegetable oil than other oil for cooking and baking.

The oil is sensitive to a high temperature, which is why it is essential to store them in a cool place. Vegetable oil is a good source of Vitamin E.

Vegetable oil contains antioxidants that help to slow down aging. It is also known to have properties that prevent particular cancer such as breast cancer.

Vegetable oil also helps boost the immune system and cell growth. Although this oil has a lot of advantages to health, it is not safe to consume excessively.