Does Granola Go Bad? How Long Does Granola Last?

Granola has seen a surge of popularity all thanks to the growing fame of fitness. Granola is associated with healthy snacking because it is a mix of oats and dry fruits rolled together with brown sugar, honey and puffed rice.

Granola is also found with flavorings such as chocolate and it can also contain flax seeds to boost digestion. It contains proteins and carbohydrates and is low in fat.

Granola is also found in the form of bars where it is easier to carry. Granola bars serve as a snack which is healthy, filling and delicious at the same time.

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Does Granola Go Bad? How Long Does Granola Last?


Granola is not a fragile food product where it gets spoiled easily. Granola can still be eaten after some days even it has been opened from its packet.

Most store bought granola has a shelf-life of six months. This means that granola can last long if it is kept in the right conditions.

Although it has been mentioned that granola is still edible after it has been opened, you should check for ingredients that easily oxidize. If there are ingredients that might react badly with air, it would be wise to store the granola in a dry, air-tight container.

Granola can still go bad under the wrong storing conditions. If there is an excess of moisture in the storage or pantry, and if the granola is not stored in an air-tight environment, the moisture can seep through.

After which, the granola may no longer be fresh and possibly not safe to consume for people with sensitive digestion.

How to Tell If Granola Is Bad? Granola Shelf Life!


As mentioned earlier, if the granola is not stored properly, moisture and oxygen can play the culprits for making your granola get spoiled. This can cause the granola to form a moldy appearance or there can be some organic growth, which is not safe at all.

If left opened for a long time, oxygen can come in contact with the ingredients in the granola and can turn it rancid.

Bad granola will also have a typical smell which cannot be ignored. Even if it does not smell or it does not have a particularly moldy appearance, the granola may no longer taste fresh and crunchy.

It will have a soggy texture which will eventually put you off from snacking on it, which means that it is time to throw it out.

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