Are Bean Sprouts Keto Friendly?

As the keto diet grows in trend among many health-conscious people, a lot of confusion can arise when it comes to eating the right kind of foods.

There is no doubt that veggies are the healthiest options for a good diet. However, are bean sprouts Keto?

Read on to know more if you can get keto benefits from bean sprouts.

Are Bean Sprouts Keto Friendly?

Yes, you can eat bean sprouts while following a keto diet. Sprouts are edible shoots obtained from watered and germinated beans. According to Healthline, they are nutritious and give many health-promoting results.

A ketogenic diet allows 20g of carbohydrates for consumption per day. WebMD says that bean sprouts help in eye health, aid digestion, support blood pressure, and prevent cancer.

In addition to that, they are great for those who are on a keto diet, as 100 grams of bean sprouts contain only 5.94 grams of carbohydrates.

Bean sprouts nutritional value:



Net Carbohydrate

6 grams


3 grams


2 grams


0 grams



Bean sprouts are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron. So you will not only be getting a low-carbohydrate meal every time you consume bean sprouts but also enjoy several other health benefits. You can eat them raw or cooked.

You can purchase bean sprouts from a grocery store or grow them at home. They grow from bean seeds quickly, as long as you keep them from direct light and safely in a closed container. You should see the seeds sprouting after two to three days with regular watering.

Bean sprouts are crunchy and an excellent ingredient for salads, soups, or even main dishes. The low-calorie content and fresh flavor of this food make it an ideal snack for those on a keto diet.

While bean sprouts come from various beans, the most common ones consumed are soybeans and mung beans. So you can check out some bean sprouts recipes and make your keto meal even more nutritious and tasty.

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