Does BBQ Sauce Go Bad? How Long Does BBQ Sauce Last?

The best thing about a bbq meat, burger, grilled vegetables, pizza, is the topping of the bbq sauce that adds a delicious flavor and completes your meal. Even right now, if you check your refrigerator, you will probably find bbq sauce from your last year's bbq party you had in your backyard.

And now that the warmer weather is finally here which calls for some open-air bbq session, and with all the half-empty bottles of bbq sauces you have lying around in your refrigerator or pantry, you are probably asking yourself:

How long does bbq sauce last? Should you get fresh and new bbq sauce or trust these bottles you have bought who knows when?

Well, to find the answers to these questions and know more about its shelf life and storage, read on.

Does BBQ Sauce Go Bad? How Long Does BBQ Sauce Last?


Typically, condiments are made to last you a good long time. Every store-bought bbq sauce comes with preservatives.

And the way you store a bbq sauce is pretty much the same as how you will store other sauces, like Tabasco sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Fish sauce.

Therefore, an opened bottle could last you a good 4-6 months when kept in the fridge. But an unopened one can easily last you for about a year when kept at room temperature.

Since bbq sauce comes with a lot of preservatives, such as vinegar, sugar, salt, etc. and are rich in antimicrobial properties, the sauce retains its freshness for months efficiently. On top of that, determining how long bbq sauce last highly depends on how you store them.

If an opened bbq sauce is stored at room temperature, it will be at its best quality for a month. But if it is continuously refrigerated, it will comfortably last you for more than six months.

Whereas, the shelf life for a homemade bbq sauce is much shorter. Since homemade sauce doesn't contain any preservatives, it will probably last you for a week at the most in the fridge.

Hence, it is best if you do not make more than you will need at a time. 

In conclusion, BBQ sauce will slowly lose its freshness and its quality after the mentioned shelf life. And when it is not carefully stored, moisture or other contaminants can get inside and form mold, after which it should be discarded.

So, to maximize its shelf life- proper storage is vital.

How to Tell if BBQ Sauce is Bad? BBQ Sauce Shelf Life!


Over time, you will see the color of the sauce growing darker and notice a change in texture. Although you can still safely consume the sauce at this stage, you will find the overall degrading of the taste and its freshness.

However, if you see any sign of mold and a funky odor, then it's definitely time to throw the sauce out.


So, with all your concerns regarding bbq sauce answered, you no longer have to worry whether your bbq sauce is still considered good or should it go to the trash.

And also, for future references, and to avoid wastage of food, store your bbq sauce as directed and enjoy a long-serving bbq sauce.